Stages of Development of the Autograph Data

Since 1975 we record package data from vehicles measured in our own studio. In this period of more than 30 years the technology has undergone rapid developments, which are also reflected in the Autograph products.
At the beginning of our recording the package data were collected by means of quite simple technology. While the electronic data processing was developing from large high-capacity computer systems to the personal computer (PC), Autograph was able to provide its handy Autograph Database for the personal workplace. Thus, the Autograph Database has obtained fast acceptance by automotive engineers.
Nowadays, Autograph is using the rapid IT development for its purposes again. Our latest development, the Standard Surface Product, is posing a challenge to computer capacity. Autograph’s task therefore is, again, to provide this information content in a manageable and comfortable way for a favorable price.
However, one thing that all Autograph developments have in common, whether it is the Datasheets, the CAD Drawings, or the Surface Information:
In more than 40 years, we have always applied our high quality standard measuring, which makes it possible to compare all  vehicle models with each other!


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Modified Layer Arrangement in the 3D Autograph CAD Packages

It is our aim to provide the considerable amount of lines and cross sections in our CAD drawings in a clearly arranged layout. For this purpose, on the one hand we split the drawings into several layers. On the other hand, we show the single functional groups of a car in different colors. However, a number of Autograph customers are facing the problem that the coloring gets lost when the IGES files, which we provide, are converted into their own CAD system. In order to counter this problem, we have changed the layer arrangement starting with AG No. 1266. The download below will give you more details.

Adaptation to relevant International Standards

As from AG No. 1231 Autograph Dimensions GmbH has adapted its measuring process even closer to the requirements of relevant international standards. Doing this we put customers’ requirements into practice.
In some areas the extent of data has been reduced to the fundamentals, which allows a more effective and distinct handling of the package data. This adaptation process brings us into the position to ensure the international comparison of package data on a high quality level for the future.

Info for CATIA Users

Autograph’s Package Drawings in 3D consist of 3D elements, i. e. graphical elements of the car, as well as of 2D elements, which are usually texts and figures. From experience we have learned that our customers who use the CAD program “CATIA” sometimes have problems to load the Autograph 3D Drawings into their system. The drawings could look incomplete.

The reason for this problem is that CATIA automatically excludes all 2D elements when loading 3D IGES data with 'CatiaPart', i.e. only the 3D elements are processed. Another module of the CATIA system is programmed to read only 2D elements. So in fact it could look like parts of the product are missing.

In order to solve this problem for all CATIA users and in order to show that Autograph sends the drawings as specified, we additionally offer a corresponding auxiliary file (*t.igs) free of charge.