CAD Drawings

In the CAD Package Drawings the vehicle’s geometry is represented by splines and cross-sections, which can be viewed from different perspectives.  

Main contents of the drawings are:

  • elements and cross sections of the exterior,
    interior, and the luggage compartment
  • driver center lines
  • rear passenger center lines
  • car center lines
  • eye ellipse template
  • head template
  • vision dimensions

A CAD drawing is separated into different layers and the IGES format allows for flexible use on every CAD system. The file size ranges between 2 and 4 MB, depending on the size of the vehicle. The original format is PRT.

If you need more details about the content of our CAD drawings, please go »here.

Please note:

In addition to the 3-D CAD drawings we can provide surface information for defined areas of the car in the form of STL data. You can find more details on the site Surface Information.