We are the only worldwide provider of independent Package Data produced serially for the latest automobiles of various manufacturers. Our headquarters are located in Flensburg, Germany. We currently have representatives in Japan (Ms Hisako Otani), Korea (Ms Yeunok Lee) and China (Mr Chenhui Zhong). Our customers include almost all the major European and international automobile manufacturers.

Using modern 3-D coordinate measuring systems, we are able to produce measurements for approx. 40 series-production vehicles per year, adhering to internationally valid standards (e.g. SAE J 1100). We record a comprehensive batch of data for the vehicle, ranging from exterior dimensions to those for the vehicle interior. We do not refer to existing design data in this process, but take new measurements for every separate vehicle received.

The results are provided as Package Data, which our customers mainly use to benchmark against their competition. Designers, research and development engineers, and construction experts use our data to improve and enhance their own products. In many sectors of the automotive industry, our data thus provides valuable information for innovations and new models.

We have been involved in measuring the dimensions of automobiles for over 30 years. During this time, we have continually refined and adapted our methods to more and more complex requirements. As a general rule, our data is standardized, yet we still take our customers’ needs into consideration. Our extensive data archive now makes it possible to compare more than 1,000 vehicles. Our measurement data is in great demand among European and international customers, especially since it is collected independently.