Product Range

» CAD Drawings
The 2-D and 3-D CAD drawings provide the most information; they are separated into different layers. Their IGES format allows for flexible use by the customer.

» Surface Information
In addition to the 3-D CAD drawings we can provide surface information for defined areas of the car in the form of STL data.

» Datasheets
Our compact Datasheets list the major dimensions contained in the CAD drawings. They are compiled in PDF format and provide an overview of the most important dimensions from various angles.

» Measuring Tables
In order to quickly and conveniently compare the numerical figures of dimensions, we recommend using our Excel files. By exporting these readings, e.g. into databases, it is possible to process the figures directly.

» Photographs

We also take photographs from exactly defined angles of each car that is measured by autograph. Therefore, we can provide a standard photo set containing various exterior views, interior views and the underbody.