From measuring point to CAD drawing

Our standard measuring program includes exterior, interior, and luggage capacity dimensions and various load-dependent measurements of a vehicle. As an extension to our product range, we are also in a position to provide additional surface information and can conduct individual or special measurement programs.

For interior dimensions, we make use of our H-point machine, which matches the size and weight of an average driver. In this way, for example, we can measure the angle of body joints, the pressure exerted by the driver on the seat cushion, or the distance to the pedals. This provides us with accurate information on seating and space conditions. A laser measurement device located at the height of the driver’s eyes makes it possible to measure the field of vision.

The collected data is used to create two- and three-dimensional scale drawings. The vehicle’s geometry, represented by splines and cross-sections, can be viewed from different perspectives. Standardized dimensions are recorded and shown in these drawings. The vehicle is then photographed from different, exactly specified angles.

We have progressively refined and specialized our measuring technology over the years. We currently adhere to such international standards as SAE J 1100 when measuring a vehicle’s dimensions; these standards make it possible to set several thousand measuring points and cross-sections for some 200 defined dimensions in each vehicle.

Overview of our range of services


For many years, we have specialized in taking independent measurements for different makes of series-production automobiles. We can thus spread the cost per vehicle over a number of customers.

Wide choice of vehicles

Next to some 40 new models measured every year, our data archive also contains more than 1,000 additional models.

Independent reference data

We record objective, complete Package Data of the individual dimensions of every vehicle measured. Our customers can thus be sure of receiving precise information for benchmarking, analyzing quality, or further development.

Convenient supply of data

We provide our data quickly and conveniently by e-mail, by FTP download, or on CD-ROM/DVD.
For automobile manufacturers, we recommend our convenient subscription service in which we automatically supply data updates as soon as a new vehicle geometry is available.